Ace Granite Surface Plate Company is recognized as the prime source on the West Coast for consistent quality of granite surface plates of Laboratory Grade, or better.

Precise temperature control of our entire manufacturing facility – plus new lapping techniques and procedures developed through extensive research – enable us to achieve the close tolerances demanded by the aerospace industry. ACE surface plate tolerances are always better, for the grade required, than those called for in the “Size and Accuracy Table” of the Federal Specification for Granite Surface Plates, No. GGG-P-463c. Guaranteed repeatability, as checked with a sensitive indicator, is another plus feature of all ACE Granite Surface Plates.

All measuring and testing equipment used in manufacturing and quality control are periodically calibrated by cognizant commercial and government laboratories, making our precise measurements traceable to NIST in strict conformance to MIL STD 45662A.

The Engis or Hume-Moody method of calibration, as recognized by various government agencies, is used to achieve our valid measurement data. All measurement data for new ACE Granites Surface Plates, and for resurfaced plates of any brand, is unconditionally guaranteed to conform to any recognized measurement technique.